Colombia Today: The Undiscovered Charms

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Yes, Colombia was a country of conflict and cartels, but that is now in the rear view mirror. But those lost years are a clear benefit to us at A Different Perspective as we are able to bring you an unusually authentic photographic and cultural experience. While Colombia has now reconnected with the rest of the world, it has maintained its unique mix of colonial, afro and Indio influences.

Colombia will soon see many tourists, but we are there now. Experience and photograph a culture that has been moving along to its own beat, literally and figuratively, for hundreds of years.

From the totally rejuvenated and picturesque capital of Bogota and the preserved colonial port city of Cartegena to the coffee country, incredible beaches and vibrant and intact Indio culture, you will immerse yourself into the many faces of Colombia and capture amazing images of each of them.

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And then there is Santa Marta! Landscape photography cannot get better than this–tropical forests, pristine beaches and coral reefs.

Your guide for this 13-day cultural and photographic experience will be Luz Elena Castro. Luz was born, grew up and was educated in Colombia and became one of the country’s leading photojournalists. Having lived in California since 1996 she also brings with her a keen combination of skills; having a passion for sharing her home country and an understanding of what American photographers and travelers want in their trip.

Of course, as on all Different Perspective trips, you will stay in 4-5 star or best available accommodations.

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