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Ethnic Southeast Asia: An Immersion Photo Tour into Disappearing Cultures

This is an initial itinerary which we suggest for an extraordinary photo tour and can be customized for your dates and interests.

The Countries of Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar have a long rich history of tribal ethnic minorities each with their own history, body adornments, culture, dress, food and spiritual beliefs. These unique ancient cultures that are amazing for photographers, are in the process of disappearing as the people become more westernized and “modern” in terms of clothing, housing, transportation and other comforts. As the old ways are lost they are gone forever.

This tour, led by three accomplished professional photographers each a specialist in one of our destinations, is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in these cultures and come home with an extraordinary portfolio of images.

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Explore the rural areas of Northern Vietnam, Eastern Myanmar and Northern Thailand

On this trip we will focus on, and be welcomed into, the villages of a dozen different ethnic minorities.

We have gone to great lengths to create this adventure for experienced photographers who also have a desire to explore these disappearing cultures as well as find themselves in world-class photo locations. Special arrangements have been made in a number of villages for private festivals in our honor. We will witness villagers wearing their traditional dress and observing age-old observances. We will be welcomed into their homes. The images you will capture cannot be duplicated.

We will start our journey in Bangkok Thailand, an easily accessible gathering point for all participants. After adjusting to our new time zone and recovering from our international flights we will fly to Hanoi to visit as many as five different hill tribes. Then to Yangon where we will travel into the tribal homes of five other cultures. Finally we return to Thailand where we will be welcomed at authentic tea plantations and local villages.

Our guides and group leaders will be Roger Nelson in Thailand and escort for the entire tour, Son Nguyen in Vietnam and Win Kyaw Zan in Myanmar. Each of them is a recognized leading photo expert in their own country.

Come share this once in a lifetime experience with 3 professional travel photographers that can help take your photography to the next level. This tour combines the best ethnic culture experiences in Southeast Asia with the best opportunities to photograph them. You will return home with great memories and unique photos of these disappearing cultures.

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Photo courtesy of Roger Nelson

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