Georgia Discovery Photo Tour

This is an initial itinerary which we suggest for an extraordinary photo tour and can be customized for your dates and interests.

Georgia stands right where Europe and Asia meet and as a result; time, geography and a deeply complicated history have created one of the most picturesque places on Earth.

As incredible as Georgia is it is still in its infancy as a place to visit, which is our good fortune. We will walk the old winding streets of Tbilisi the capital, discovering secret courtyards and outdoor cafes – amazing images for the taking at every turn.


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Discover the heart of this amazing country just waiting to be found

Starting our tour in Tbilisi, you will have the opportunity to experience a country that will take from ancient castles and sacred sites to exotic steam-baths and the pristine snow covered Caucasian Mountains. We will shoot inside and outside amazing time worn religious architecture of every size and kind from churches to mosques to synagogues.

Georgia is also every bit as delicious as it is breathtaking and the people range from authentic peasants with deeply etched faces to sophisticated urban dwellers. Since outside visitors are new and cherished guests, getting portraits will not be difficult.

Our small group of 6-8 experienced photographers will be guided by Mehmet Ozbalci, an incredibly experienced photo guide who is the first to open up Georgia for photo tours. Accommodations in Georgia have been improving rapidly and we will be staying at comfortable hotels with private bathrooms at every stop – some sophisticated, some charming, all of which meet our high standards.

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Armenia Extension

Extend your travels and your experiences with a 4-day extension journey to Armenia, guided by Mehmet Ozbalci. We will begin this leg of your tour by photographing the Unesco World Heritage site the Monastery of Haghpat. You will explore this extraordinary country of dramatic landscapes, architectural gems and a complicated history stretching back to the Greeks and Romans. From Mt. Ararat, to the Manuscript Museum, you will have the opportunity to shoot some of Armenia’s most important churches and ruins as well capture its breathtaking natural beauty. As on all our trips, you will stay at the best accommodations possible.


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