The Personal Nepal of Mani Lama

This is an initial itinerary which we suggest for an extraordinary photo tour and can be customized for your dates and interests.

See Nepal intimately, through the eyes of one of its national treasures–from the bustling markets, colorful Hindu temples and captivating daily life of the Kathmandu Valley, to the indescribably picturesque Himalayas.

Mani Lama is widely acknowledged to be the leading indigenous photographer in Nepal. He’s spent the last 40 years traversing this mountainous nation capturing its soul, spirit and mysticism, which exists in plentitude, first on film and now digitally.

We’re so grateful that Mani has accepted our invitation to show a small group of fellow photographers his beloved country over two weeks. This is a truly unique opportunity to see Nepal in a very intimate way through the eyes of one of its national treasures. Not only can Mani communicate Nepal’s special cultural relevance in ways that no North American leader could, he also knows where the best photographs are and when to be there for that special portfolio shot.


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Experience the majesty of the world’s highest peaks and the treasures of this ancient land 

You will start your tour in Bhaktapur. One of the ancient kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley, it is a perfectly preserved enclave and also a working, thriving and pulsating community. You will see and capture working food markets, hand made pottery production, Hindu Temples with all their captivating activity as well as colorful daily life. There will be amazing people shots everywhere you turn not to mention the counterpoint of the serene thousand-year-old teak architecture.

As you relocate across the valley to Kathmandu proper, you will experience the amazing clockwise sunrise meditative walk done by thousands of Buddhist devotees around the Boudhnath, one of the largest Stupas in the world. You will truly be challenged to decide where to watch, listen, smell or look as it unfolds in first light of dawn. Mani will be on hand to help sort it out and help you capture every captivating aspect.

After your days in Kathmandu and the surrounding valley, including a home visit, a home-cooked dinner, monastery visits and a morning in the throbbing ancient central marketplace, you will leave by air-conditioned van towards Nuwakot. There are no words to adequately describe one’s reactions to seeing the Himalayas as you start to wind your way up from Kathmandu and capture the first of many images.

Nuwakot is the home of The Famous Farm, a charming locally owned boutique hotel with an incredible vegetable garden and an equally delicious restaurant. We’ll hike above the hotel to visit the many local farmers who are as interested in meeting you as you are in encountering them and capturing their images.

Every day you are now probing deeper and higher into the Himalayas – Bandipur with its endless lookouts of snow covered peaks and finally Pokhara, gateway to the Annapurna. After a respite in Pokhara with many photogenic sites of its own, Mani will guide you into the sacred and beautiful Annapurna Sanctuary. There you will visit one small photogenic village after another, frequently on foot, all of which rely upon subsistence farming.

Returning to Pokhara, you’ll fly back to Kathmandu. We stay overnight in Dhulikhel, enjoying spectacular views of the snow capped Himalayas.

Throughout Nepal we will be staying at very comfortable accommodations, either 4-5-star or best available when we’re in remote locations. You will find the availability of Nepalese, Indian and Chinese food both enjoyable and very satisfying.

NOTE: You will have a chance to visit earthquake affected areas, speak to survivors and hear from a civic leader what is currently being done to help rebuild Nepal.

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Tibet Extension with Mani Lama – Lhasa to Lhasa: A photographic taste of Tibet

Extend your travels and your experiences with a 5-day extension journey to Tibet, lead by Mani Lama. An hour flight over the breathtaking Himalayan Ranges to Lhasa the capital of Tibet will begin this leg of your tour. Upon arrival you will be met by your guide and driver and driven to Tsedang (altitude 12,000 feet). You will explore the extraordinary landscape and architecture and meet the people of Tsedang, the origin of Tibetan tribal culture. From there, you will explore the Yarlung valley which is also known as the Valley of Tombs, before heading back to Lhasa. You will have the opportunity to shoot some of Tibet’s most important monasteries as well capture the imposing and iconic Portala Palace. As on all our trips, you will stay at the best accommodations possible.


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