An opportunity to capture lifetime images while experiencing a culture from a unique point of view.

We have based our tours on several important concepts and we won’t offer a trip until it meets our standards:

  • We avoid destinations that have been played out or lost their magic. We are always looking for the next special place and are willing to pioneer them and make sure our clients can go there in comfort and absolute safety.
  • When we take you to places that have classic, iconic, can’t miss value we make sure to do them in a different and unexpectedly enjoyable ways. Then we pair them up with stops that are way off the beaten path and provide you with photo and cultural experiences of a lifetime.
  • We never parachute in a North American trip leader. We always find and work with the best local photographer or leader who knows their country inside and out and passionately love sharing it with fellow photographers on a highly personal level.
  • Whenever possible we do business with independent providers in each country to bring economic development right down to where it counts most.
  • We always stay at 4-5 star or best available accommodations. We prefer small high quality boutique hotels and lodges with character whenever possible. In remote areas we always go the extra mile to ensure comfort and health.
  • While we never forget our trips are first and foremost photography tours we also weave in important cultural experiences and context.