Photo Tour FAQ

Recently I have had several inquiries and questions about our photo tours at A Different Perspective.

So I compiled this photo tour FAQ page below:

1) Can spouses or significant others go on these trips, if so what’s the cost and what do they do?
Yes, spouses are welcome on our tours. However we do not provide special spousal programming. The focus of our trips are primarily photography and cultural immersion in the destinations we visit. The cost of non-photographers joining the tour is the same as all other participants.

2) Why do some trips or itineraries offered by others seem the same or similar as ours? What is the advantage of traveling with A Different Perspective?
Some of the places we visit are considered “must see” or “iconic destinations that others go to as well, but at A Different Perspective we work hard to create a very different way of seeing them. Some of the important ways our trips are different include; the use of local indigenous guides, the use and support of local small business service providers whenever possible, special unique cultural access opportunities, 4-5 star or best possible accommodations, making tours as inclusive as possible to avoid added fees and costs.

3) How do I know that your trip’s guide is really good, when I sign up for an American photographer/guide’s trip to the same or similar places should I feel more secure?
Most of our photo guides are the people who guide the world’s best known International professional photographers. They are locals who know their homelands better than a foreign photographer can. They have extensive experience and know where North American photographers want to go and what they want to shoot. Our guides also have tremendous love and passion for their countries and love sharing it with others.

4) Why don’t you list the specific hotels we will be staying at?
At the end of every detailed itinerary the hotels we plan to use on the trip are listed. Because we plan our tours long in advance on occasion a hotel we intend to use can become unavailable. In those cases we utilize another accommodation that is equal or better at the same price.

5) Will my photos look as good as the ones on the site?
Very Likely, but of course that also depends on your photographic skills, Many photos used on our website are taken by clients on our photo tours or Travels with Teri (our sister company) photo tours.

6) How does the trip break down between cultural time and photography?
Since our trips are “Photo Tours” not “Photo Workshops” we don’t have formal instruction as part of the itinerary, so there is plenty of time to take as many photos as you want to and also fit in cultural experiences as well. The photographic and cultural are seamlessly interwoven in a natural and organic way.

7) How competent a photographer do you need to be to enroll in A Different Perspective Tours?
Our rule of thumb is that you should be using a DSLR or an equivalent mirrorless camera.You should know how to operate your camera well and not need instruction. You also should have a laptop computer and be facile with downloading and editing photos along the way during the trip. You will find that all the other participants in the tour are also advanced photographers and there is a very rich exchange of advice, guidance, opinions and camaraderie.

8) Why is full payment necessary so far in advance?
All our tours are highly customized specifically to deliver on our concept, making confirmation of hotel stays, special activities and photo guide availability imperative many months further out than ordinary photo tours or workshops.
Custom tours cannot be guaranteed until paid in full. Many of our photo guides are in high demand among professional photographers so it is critical to secure and confirm their time far in advance.

9) What happens if the minimum number of persons or 6 participants has not been met?
In most cases A Different Perspective will still be able to offer the tour even if the minimum number of persons has not been met – but in these cases there will be an additional surcharge. If you sign up for a tour that doesn’t meet the minimum you will have the choice to continue by paying the additional charge or receive your deposit back.

10) What if the tour I try to sign up for is sold out?
If the tour you want to participate in is sold out, we will make every effort to offer it again at a later date. You can also contact us directly to be placed on a wait list in case someone cancels.

Still have a question? Please contact us directly!

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