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Photo Immersion Tour

This is a scheduled Tour. New Dates for 2018 will be up soon!

If ever there was a place made for photographers it must be the South of India. Coming from different ancient dynastic kingdoms, each of the cultures of the South offers an endless array of images to be captured. This fifteen-day tour for experienced photographers only is carefully designed to capture the contrasts of the South of India from the serene backwaters of Kerala to the pulsing slums of Mumbai.

Our group of 6-8 will initially visit 8th Century weathered shore temples, fishing boats at sunset and a city of more than a thousand temples. Next, a short flight will take you to the perhaps the most significant religious site in the south and an opportunity to shoot the colorful great temple and its devotees.

You will then literally head for the hills. As you gain altitude, everything turns lush shades of green as you enter the tea estates where you will photograph tea pickers at work and the visually arresting villages they live in.

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Houseboats, ancient port cities, and always knowledgeable local guides

Then off to board your two- story air-conditioned houseboat on which you will travel the labyrinth of canals, lakes and quiet streams, some just large enough for the canoe we’ll carry. Here you’ll shoot children splashing in the water, women washing clothes at the water’s edge, fishermen up to their necks in water digging out fish with their feet and much more.

In the small, ancient port city of Cochin, now Kochi, you will discover a melting pot of influences, the result of Portuguese, Dutch, English and Chinese trading partners over the centuries. You will visit the almost abandoned historic Jewish quarter.

With so many amazing days and images captured already, it will be hard to believe there is more yet. You will be hard pressed to decide whether the Pakkad Elephant festival or the Theyyam mystical dance festival – where we have special permission to photograph the dancers doing their make-up – is your peak experience. Or perhaps it will be our special shooting excursion into the slums of Mumbai.

Your photo guide will be one of the top photo guides in India. He knows exactly where you want to be at what time of day and how to navigate crowded festivals to get the shots you will most treasure.

You will be staying in 4-5 star accommodations or best available in remote areas. Places to eat will be carefully chosen with western palettes in mind and transportation will always be comfortable and air-conditioned.

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India Taj Extension – Delhi to Delhi: From Modern to the Magnificent

This is a scheduled Tour. New Dates for 2018 will be up soon!

Extend your stay and your explorations with the India Taj extension. A flight from Mumbai brings you to Delhi, the capital city of modern India. There, you will experience its unique blend of internationalism and tradition. From gleaming skyscrapers, museums and art galleries to the palaces and tombs that pay homage to the mighty Afghan and Mughal Empires you will discover a city pulsing with energy and endless photographic opportunities. We trade our motor vehicles for bicycle rickshaws as we explore “Old Delhi” and its narrow alleys, colorful bazaars and teaming squares. Then it’s off to Agra. A World Heritage site and one of the wonders of the modern world, the Taj Mahal will captivate you its beauty and reward you with images of a lifetime. As on all our trips, you will stay at the best accommodations possible.


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