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At A Different Perspective, we are continuously looking for the next places that are just opening up and can offer you new kinds of highly valued photographic and cultural experiences. We are also constantly readdressing the world’s established photo destinations that are must see’s, figuring out how to do them better and differently. Here’s a glimpse of what we are currently working on and what will be available shortly for 2016.

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As close to Africa as to mainland Italy, Sardinians have come to accept being part of Italy but calling them Italians is still an insult. Enormously proud and fiercely strong, the people of Sardinia reflect the character of their Island that time has forgotten. Everywhere you turn during this photographic and cultural exploration, you will find photographs that just have to be taken. From trees gnarled by decades of coastal wind and bolder strewn canyons to soaring mountains diving down to snow-white beaches. As incredible as the landscapes are we will also concentrate on the people. You will immerse yourself in the local culture coming directly in contact with a broad spectrum of warm and hospitable people from mask-makers and bread bakers to shepherds to fisherman. If you thought you knew Europe, wait until you experience one of the wildest and most authentic environments it has to offer through your lens.