A Different Perspective: What We Are About.

Over time I started taking note that more and more of my sophisticated and experienced traveler clients were asking her to create trips for them that were a combination of both photo tours and immersion cultural experiences. While there is no shortage of either photo tours or cultural trips the combination of both wasn’t easily found.

So I did in-depth research among my clientele and also of what offerings existed in the marketplace. As a result, A Different Perspective was created to serve the needs of the high quality travel market, a growing segment. I have built each Different Perspective trip is carefully meet a series of important requirements:

  • Rather than parachute an American photographer/leader into foreign environments, we always find the most knowledgeable, experienced and passionate indigenous tour leaders, usually a local professional photographer.
  • Our trips are tours not workshops. We travel as a small cohesive group, between 2-8 experienced photographers, who are looking for the best photo opportunities in the world’s most special places combined with deep cultural experiences. While there is an tremendous amount of discussion interaction and guidance – there is no formal instruction.
  • We are the antithesis of cookie cutter, most frequently we travel to much less touristy destinations, sometimes we’re the first organized photo tour to ever go there. We also go to can’t miss classical destinations and in those cases we do it quite differently to create very unique experiences and images.
  • Our clients expect a high level of comfort, so we stay at 4-5 star or the best available accommodations. Even in the most remote areas, with rare exception, we’re able to provide private accommodations with good showers and tasty food.
  • While our focus is always on photography first, we seamlessly integrate important cultural experiences so that you will never come home from one of our trips without a deep and authentic understanding of where you’ve been.
  • Our clientele is largely self selecting, so while enjoying the opportunity to form your own group you also have the opportunity to choose photo tour activities.

A Different Perspective is owned and operated by TG Travel Group LLC. TG Travel Group LLC is a successful custom travel company run by myself, Teri Goldstein, who has over 20 years of experience helping travelers turn their ultimate trip dreams into reality.

Who We Are